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Bickford's History

bickford's history

William Bickford and his wife Anne Margaret arrived in South Australia from England in 1839. Soon after his arrival William opened an apothecary on Hindley Street, the centre of trade in early Adelaide days.

After establishing Bickford’s as a major manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical and chemical products in South Australia and Australia, William Bickford died prematurely in 1850. Anne carried on her husband’s successful business before partnering with her two sons to form A M Bickford and Sons in 1863, the foundation of the company that we know today.

In 1874, the company began producing premium cordials and aerated drinks following the acquisition of the South Australian Cordial and Aerated Water Factory. Before long, these quality products including the now famous Bickford’s Lime Cordial gained international award recognition for their superiority.

In 1920, Bickford’s commenced production of branded Coffee and Chicory Essence, winning the highest award in the All-Australian Exhibition in 1930. Given the success and popularity of many of the traditional cordials and sodas, it is no surprise that they are still made to the same original recipes today.

Since 1839, Bickford’s quality beverages have been part of Australia’s heritage. Known for our international prize winning cordials and old style sodas, the range has grown to include a unique portfolio of new age products.

The values of quality and integrity that formed the original Bickford’s vision remain true today and exist in every Bickford’s product.