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Company Timeline


William Bickford and his wife Anne Margaret arrive in Adelaide, South Australia from England, three years after proclamation. Soon after his arrival in the newly founded colony, William opens an apothecary on Hindley Street, the centre of trade in early Adelaide. William establishes himself as a major manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical and chemical products catering to the South Australian and Australian markets.


William Bickford dies prematurely, leaving his wife Anne Margaret to carry on the Bickford’s name and successful apothecary business he had founded.


In 1863, together with her sons Harry and William, Anne Margaret establishes A M Bickford and Sons, the foundation of the company that we know today.


Following on from the acquisition of the South Australian Cordial and Aerated Water Factory, the company begins producing superior, award winning cordials and aerated drinks, including the now famous Bickford’s Lime Juice Cordial. These quality products were recognised at international exhibitions in Great Britain and France, winning medals for their superiority.


Bickford’s commence production of branded coffee and chicory essence.


Bickford’s essence of coffee and chicory wins an All Australian Exhibition GOLD medal. This product goes on to become Australia’s modern favourite Iced Coffee Mix.


Marks the extension of the famous cordial family including the introduction of blackcurrant syrup.


Bickford’s introduces the new Old Style Soda range.

Bickford’s Pure Water products are first released. This range grew into the successful Aqua Pura range of bottled and flavoured water that is now available on the market today.


Product expansion continues throughout the mid 1990’s with the introduction of Australia’s first premium soft drink. The Spritz range of clear, naturally fruit flavoured drinks are designed to give consumers a ‘clear’ choice beyond the mainstream.


Esprit range is launched, offering an array of premium exotically flavoured carbonated drinks with 5% real fruit juice.


Bickford’s releases the famous Lime Juice Cordial in a limited edition promotional swing top closure bottle.


Aqua Pura Water is successfully re-launched with a fresh brand and bottle. To coincide with this, Aqua Pura Fruit Splash is launched simultaneously with great success. The Aqua Pura brand goes on to provide a powerful launching pad for future Bickford’s brands.

Bickford’s Australia moves into a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Salisbury, South Australia. To ensure the future quality of all products, the company invests over $15m in a new purpose built plant, machinery, warehousing and offices, all of which are HACCP accredited.

Bickford’s Lime Juice Cordial is officially recognised as a heritage icon, joining a prestigious list of Australian places, products and services in the Bank SA Heritage icon listing which acknowledges Australian ingenuity.


Bickford’s re-launches it's Premium Juice range in a new Bickford’s embossed PET bottle. The new design is easier for retailers and consumers compared to the previously difficult to handle glass bottle.

Bickford’s re-launch traditional Old Style Sodas with new packaging and additional flavour variants.


Bickford’s Milkshake Mixes are conceptualised and launched in early 2007, initially in a glass bottle. At launch, 3 flavours are available, all easily mixed with milk to make flavoursome traditional tasting milkshakes at home.

Bickford’s launch a range of concentrated Ice Tea Cordials to provide consumers with the convenience of making delicious tasting ice teas in the comfort of their own home.


Bickford’s Milkshake Mix is re-launched in a new award winning PET proprietary bottle using state of the art hot fill technology.


Insane Energy is released. This energy drink comes in a huge 500ml can and contributes a double energy shot for those continuously on the move. Insane Energy is produced in 3 variants, Original, Juice and Sugar free.

The Aqua Pura family continues to grow with a completely new product in the Australian market. Aqua Pura Hint offers consumers pure water with only a slight hint of either lemon or mint flavouring. Both new variants contain no sugar, calories, preservatives, sweeteners and all natural flavours!

As consumers become increasingly health conscious and time starved, 5+2 Fruit and Vege Juice is launched. In unique 250mL and 1L PET proprietary bottles, 5+2 provides a fun and great tasting solution to getting your RDI of fruit and vegetables.


Robinsons Fruit Shoot is launched here in Australia, offering on-the-go kids a 25% juice drink in fun, non-spill sports bottles. Containing no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, Fruit Shoot is launched in three popular flavours; Apple, Apple & Blackcurrant and Summer Fruits.

Bickford’s Coconut 1lt Juice and Blueberry 1lt Juice Drink are launched as an extension to the Bickford’s Premium Juice range. Both juices are full of natural health benefits, offering consumers greater choice in great tasting functional beverages!

Bickford’s Milkshake Mix is repositioned to appeal to the whole family, especially the kids! Re-named Bickford’s Milk Mix and sporting a fun new label design, the product moves forward with a new marketing strategy but stays true to the original Bickford’s recipe.


Following increasing demand and the rising popularity of super fruits, Bickford's launches Super Berry Red Juice as an extension of its Premium 1L Juice Range. Super Berry Red is a deliciously healthy blend of 5 red berry varieties commonly known as 'super berries' due to their high antioxidant levels.

The juice is all natural and contains no added sugar, preservatives or artificial colours or flavours, so not only does it taste great but its naturally good for you too!

Bickford's new Cranberry Juice Cordial is launched as an extension of the market leading cordial range. Made with 25% real cranberry juice, this on-trend super fruit flavour offers a delicious, true to fruit taste simply by adding water or soda.

Old Style Sodas undergo a complete re-launch, including 2 new exciting flavours; Grape Soda & Orange Cream! Taking consumers back to a time when life was simple.